We are a Saudi logistics company partnering with international expertise providing world class order fulfillment services. We help national and international e-commerce businesses expand their footprint into the Saudi market with seamless and affordable order fulfillment solutions.

Our Standards

  • Promise

    Simply: one-day delivery and 100% accuracy, or it is free.

  • Coverage

    Our facilities are strategically located across the country, ensuring minimal distance and quick delivery to your customers.

  • Infrastructure

    Equipped with top notch automation, we provide accurate, highly efficient, and cost effective fulfillment services.

  • Technology

    Streamlined in heart, our software accurately runs our and our customers’ operations parallelly.

  • Scalability

    No matter the volume, our on-demand services allow you to scale up and down as needed.

  • Flexibility

    No long-term contracts. Pay monthly for what you use.

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Our Values

We are a Saudi Compnay

We are proud to be a Saudi Arabian company, and look to contribute to the growth of the Saudi e-commerce market. As your locally based partner, we will work with your business every step of the way to ensure your successful expansion into Saudi Arabia.

We love our customers

We are driven by customer satisfaction. We thrive on providing unparalleled customer service and communication. When working with Mocamila, you will quickly see that everything we do revolves around our aim to put the customer’s wants and needs first.

We Practice Quality

Our goal is perfection, and anything less is unacceptable. We hold ourselves to very high standard to guarantee our customers receive the best service possible.

We speak Technology

Technology is deeply embedded in our hearts. We depend on state of the art cloud software and automated systems to run our operations with high accuracy and minimal human errors.